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The Association for Information Systems (AIS: ) chapter in Lebanon LAIS: , together with the Lebanese American University (LAU: ) is organizing the Lebanese Conference on Information Systems (LCIS 2017: ) at LAU campus in Beirut  and LAU NY Headquarters & Academic center in New York.


The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is an international, not-for-profit, professional association with the stated mission to serve society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. Membership is made up primarily of academic educators, researchers, and institutions that specialize in information systems (IS) development, implementation, and evaluation. The association has members in more than 90 countries, and is led by a president who is annually elected from one of three world regions—the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia-Pacific—on a rotating basis.


“Advancing business innovations, competitiveness, and progressiveness: the role of ICT towards smart organizations” is the main theme of LCIS 2017 conference which includes and not limited to topics related to digital marketing, innovative and effective teaching, achieving sustainable performance via ICT, information security and privacy, big data analytics, ICT and health care, Accounting and Auditing in the information age, ICT and Human Resources, Organizational development and ICT strategies, and e-Governments. Thus, the theme is broad enough to attract audience from different disciplines.


The significance of the LCIS2017  is not only being an international conference that will be hosted in parallel in New York and in Beirut, but also it gives the participating researchers the opportunity to publish their papers in one of four refereed Scopus-indexed journals. The tracks in the conference targets disciplines related to School of Business, Information Technology, E-Health, and a special track on optimization for School of Engineering, Computer Science and Math Department.


I would be grateful that you share this invitation to all IUL academic community, and I look forward to have participant from all disciplines which will enhance the research environment and collaboration in our country. 


Please inform me if your institution requires extending the deadlines for paper submission, I’m gladly willing to do that.


N.B. I’m attaching to this email the call for papers and below are some additional links to the conference pages:


-              The call for papers for the conference which is also found on the following link: .

-              The link to the conference website is:   

-              LCIS 2107 organizing committee is found on the following link:   

-              Paper submission is found on the following link:  



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