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Journal of Heuristics
Special Issue: Matheuristics

Metaheuristics, such as tabu search, simulated annealing, GRASP, VND and VNS,
genetic algorithms and ant colonies, emerged as an alternative to exact
methods when the latter reached their limits trying to solve industrial-scale
instances of hard combinatorial optimization problems. Recent advances on
constraint and mathematical programming, and in particular those on discrete
optimization, have given rise to a new breed of algorithms combining the best
of both worlds. These algorithms are commonly known as matheuristics.

The series of matheuristics workshops have become the primary forum for
researchers in this field – both those exploiting mathematical programming
techniques in a (meta)heuristic framework, granting to mathematical
programming approaches the problem robustness and time effectiveness typical
of heuristics, and those exploiting the model formulation of mathematical
programming in the design of a heuristic.

The latest edition of the workshop was hosted by the Operations Research,
Scheduling and Transportation (ROOT) research group at Université de Tours
(France) in June 2018. In connection to the activities of this workshop, we
are pleased to announce a special issue of the Journal of Heuristics, devoted
to applications of matheuristics to hard combinatorial optimization problems.

The topics of the special issue include

•       Matheuristics for combinatorial problems (e.g., vehicle routing,
scheduling, cutting, packing)
•       Industrial applications of matheuristics
•       New matheuristic frameworks (e.g., machine learning and matheuristics)
•       MIP techniques used as heuristics solvers
•       Exploiting information from exact algorithms to develop new heuristics
•       Design and configuration techniques for matheuristic algorithms
•       Automatic configuration of matheuristics and algorithm selection

The special issue is not limited to contributions presented in the workshop.
All members of the community are invited to submit their manuscripts.

All contributions will be peer reviewed following the quality standards of the
journal. We invite all authors to double check the editorial policy of the
journal regarding metaphor-based methodologies and experimental design before
submitting their manuscript (the policy can be found at the end of this call
for papers). Authors should submit their manuscripts thought the Editorial
Manager, selecting S.I.: Matheuristics as the manuscript

Target time line for special issue:
•       October 31, 2018: submission deadline
•       February 15, 2019: first round notifications
•       May 15, 2019: submission of revised manuscripts
•       September 1, 2019: final decisions

Guest Editors
Yannick Kergosien, Patrick Martineau, Jorge E. Mendoza, Vindent T’kindt
Department of Computer Science – Polytech Tours (France)
LIFAT – Université de Tours


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