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Special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization (dedicated to CTW18)

We are calling for full papers to be published on a special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics (DAM) dedicated to the broad topics of graph theory and combinatorial optimization. This issue follows the 16th edition of the Cologne-Twente Workshop (CTW) on those same topics. The CTW18 took place at the Conservatoire National des Arts et M'etiers (CNAM), in Paris, on 18-20 june 2018. 

The series of Cologne Twente Workshops on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization started with meetings organized every two years by the universities of Cologne and Twente. The organizational base was later expanded to other universities. Since 2003 the workshop is held (almost) every year. The 2019 edition is going to be in Twente <>.

This special issue is open to the topics of graph theory, combinatorial optimization, discrete algorithms and/or mathematical programming. It is not restricted to papers by authors who attended the CTW18 workshop, and we are not inviting ``best papers'' presented to the workshop, as is sometimes customary in computer science today. Instead, anyone who wishes to submit a paper to this issue on the aforementioned topics is welcome to. Of course, those who did attended CTW18 are specially encouraged to submit a paper.

The CTW culture is closer to mathematics (light peer-review at the workshop, and rigorous peer-review for the journal issue) than computer science (in general, the reverse). Accordingly, papers will be reviewed following the high standard of DAM, requiring two out of two positive recommendations for acceptance.

We have a tentative submission deadline set to 31st March 2019, but this deadline is not necessarily strict *to the day*. Interested authors should apply to us for extensions. Any paper submitted before deadline will be treated immediately. So, if your paper is ready, feel free to submit it now.

In order to submit, log on (as an Author) to Elsevier's EES Editorial Manager for DAM at <>, click on "Submit new manuscript", then, at the bottom of the first screen, for "Choose article type", select "SI: CTW18" from the menu. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: if you do not select the CTW18 Special Issue explicitly, your paper will be handled by DAM's Editor-in-Chief (Endre Boros), and will NOT go to this special issue.

For any query, contact Leo Liberti <>.

The guest editors,

Fabio Furini, LAMSADE Univ. Paris-Dauphine, Paris
Amelie Lambert, CEDRIC Conservatoire National d'Arts et Metiers, Paris
Lucas Letocart and Emiliano Traversi, LIPN Univ. Paris-Nord, Paris
Leo Liberti, CNRS and LIX Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau

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