> Institution : IMT Atlantique, Université de Bretagne Sud, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, ENSTA Bretagne, ENIB
> Laboratoire : Lab-STICC UMR 6285
> Equipe : DECIDE


The DECIDE team intends to provide decision support solutions for decision makers facing heterogeneous and complex data. These data - text, signals, images, sensors streams, social networks interactions, decision making contexts, previous decisions, spatial, or even small and big data - are the starting point of DECIDES's research activities.

In order to facilitate the decision making act, DECIDE's ambition is to propose the decision makers solutions that allow them to:

  • Identify, model, and understand the information extracted from data.
  • Make reliable and robust decisions based on the extracted information.
  • Justify decision recommendations to demonstrate their quality.
  • Provide coherent recommendations according to the decision makers' needs.
  • Characterize large graphs to identify communities, roles, and influence.
  • Model the different stages of the decision support process to guarantee that recommendations are both readable and traceable.
  • Extract frequent patterns following measures of interest.
  • Integrate and qualify heterogeneous data and information to detect anomalies.
To tackle these scientific challenges, the DECIDE team works along 4 research axes: decision aiding (and Operational Research), data mining, information integration and quality, engineering for decision support. These 4 axes mainly apply techniques like optimization, learning, data mining, graph theory, data visualization and modelling, while keeping decision makers at the core of the decision process and therefore the activities of DECIDE.

Taille du labo : +/- 500 chercheurs

Taille de l'équipe de R.O. : 34

Nom du responsable de l'équipe : Patrick Meyer & John Puentes

Mots clés : decision aiding, data mining, quality, information integration, engineering for decision support

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