Important Deadlines

  • Deadline for participating subscription: October 16th, 1998

Participants are required to register by email by sending a message with (family name(s), firstname(s), affiliation(s) and postal address) to the challenge organizer before this date.

  • Deadline for sending the results: November 27th, 1998

Declared candidates should send by email to the challenge organizer, no later than this date an 2-4 page extended abstract summing up the methodologies employed and the results obtained.

  • Deadline of the selection results: December 11th, 1998

A selection committee, composed of representatives of the Chic-2 project and specialists in the domain, will select the finalists (cf. selection criteria).

These finalists are invited, first to send their source codes (Do not send source codes of the commercial OR tools, if they are used) and the associated binaries (for Windows95 or Unix) to the challenge organiser for verification, and second to present their method and results in a special dedicated session at the ROADEF'99 conference.

The committee will declare the winner of the challenge during the conference.