ROADEF'2003: Results of the final stage (base X) of the challenge

The jury has taken into account for the final ranking ONLY the results of the base X.

The data instances of the base X have been kept unknown for all the challengers until the end of this challenge.

Junior Category

TeamsGrades based on ONERA-CNES evaluationsRanking
LGI2P-EMA-EERIE: Habet, Vasquez - France29.88 1
IME-USP: Ribeiro, Goldman - Brasil29.84 2
ID-IMAG: Da Costa, Dutot, Mounié, Parmentier, Wild - France29.22 3

Senior Category

TeamsGrades based on ONERA-CNES evaluationsRanking 
TNO-PEL: Kuipers - The Netherlands 31.76 1
HEC-Crt-GERAD: Cordeau, Laporte - Canada 30.84 2
LGI2P-EMA-EERIE: Vasquez, Vimont, Vlasak - France30.28 3
DIRO-Crt: Gendreau, Jaumard, Morales - Canada30.10 4
Poznan Univ. of Technology: Jaszkiewicz - Poland29.91 5
TNO-PEL: Bloemen - The Netherlands 29.69 6
Bouygues e-Lab: Caseau - France29.08 7
Thales-INRA: de Givry, Jeannin - France 23.56 8

The details on all these results are here (Final_results_X.doc, Final_results_X.rtf,