ROADEF 2005 Challenge: How to participate and planning

We invite the participants to look at the challenge subject for more details on:

  • The explanations of the data instances and when they will be provided.
  • The informations to be provided by the participants.
  • The test environments provided by RENAULT.
  • The evaluation and ranking procedure.

All these points are explained in the document of the challenge subject giving the description of the problem. We just remind here below the estimated planning of the challenge.


28/07/03: Beginning of the qualification stage
Problems available on the WEB, with the subject and an example data instance per class (i.e. three data instances).
The TestSet A will be provided.
01/12/03: Application deadline of the candidates.
Please to send your complete affiliations to Van-Dat CUNG.
29/02/04 : End of the qualification stage extended to March 07th, 2004 included
Deadline for the participant submissions with results and programs on the TestSet A.
17/05/04: Beginning of the final stage
Announcement of the qualification stage results.
Selection of the finalists who will be invited to present their works at the ROADEF'2005 conference.
RENAULT will provided the TestSet B problems the finalists to tune their programs.
The finalists who wish could send an improved version of their programs.
RENAULT will test the finalists' programs on the TestSet X instances which are unkown to the participants..
February 2005 at the ROADEF'2005 conference: End of the final stage
Announcement of the final results on TestSet X.
Presentation of the finalists' works.
The winner in each of the two categories will receive a prize provided by RENAULT via ROADEF.