Challenge 2009 solution checker

Download the solution checker and the cost checker

Update log

18/06/2008 Correction : "run time error" due to bug in file reading procedures

18/06/2008 Correction : erroneous "Aircraft leaves before end of maintenance" error message

19/06/2008 Correction : error message for a flight already cancelled in the initial solution

19/06/2008 Update : new error message for empty itineraries

23/06/2008 Correction : file checkaircraftswap non empty while it should be

23/06/2008 Cost checker delivery

25/06/2008 solution checker correction : modification for aiport disruption analysis

26/06/2008 solution checker correction : modification for aiport disruption analysis (static version)

27/06/2008 cost checker correction for the downgrading cost problem

04/07/2008 cost checker correction for cancellation costs and non-compliant location penalties

09/07/2008 cost checker correction for delay calculation of added flights

10/07/2008 cost checker correction (file reading problem)

23/07/2008 cost checker correction (downgrade cost calculation and delay legal compensation)

16/09/2008 cost checker specifications made available

24/10/2008 update of cost and solution checkers for compatibility with B instances, new "Swapped Aircraft Flight Operating Cost" (see cost checker specs)

5/11/2008 minor modification of the solution checker due to a problem occurring when a first flight asigned to a plane beginning exactly at the end of the maintenance period.

2/12/2008 Solution checker modification for particular maintenance cases (if no flight is assigned to an aircraft, check maintenance position for this aircraft, if necessary. If maintenance occurs at the end of an aircraft rotation, check maintenance position)