Registration to the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2010

To register (before the deadline), send the names, first names, status (student, professor, etc.), affiliations, emails of the team members and the selected category(ies) (junior, senior, multi-thread) to with the subject "ROADEF/EURO challenge 2010 registration".

Conditions for categories:

  • Junior: team composed entirely of students (no PhD) with a single thread being authorized
  • Senior: no restriction on the composition of the team, a single thread is authorized
  • Multi-thread: no restriction on the composition of the team, no restrictions on the number of threads

Multiple and automatic registrations:

  • All junior teams are automatically enrolled in the senior category.
  • All single thread teams are automatically participating in the multi-thread category with the same executable
  • A multi-thread team can participate to the junior or senior category under the condition to provide a single-thread version of the program.