Modification log for checker and instances

  • 10th october 2013
  • o Implementation of missing constraints related to the order of assembled trains

    o Display of checker version number and date

    o Correction of non detected conflits related to track groups (message from Nicolas Catusse, 8th Oct)

    o Correction of zip problem on instances with Linux / MacOS

    o Introduction of cost computation information into the log

  • 30th october 2013
  • o Fixes related to questions of Eelco Kuipers on 28th of October : track group imposed consumptions taken into account and disjunction syntax

    o Simultaneous entrances / exits on individual tracks are not feasible

  • 6th november 2013
  • o Fix in A5 instance, related to questions of Luc Arnaud on 5th of November : start with an initial facility different between train1557 and 1558

    o Fixed constraint in checker on minimum reverse time, which should not be applied to initial trains (question from Jørgen Haahr on 6th Nov).

    o Fixed constraint in checker on minimum duration of use of a resource, which should not be applied to TrackGroups (question from Luc Arnaud on 5th Nov).

  • 19th november 2013
  • o Fix in A10 instance, related to questions of Deepak on 19th of November about a disconnected group : additional gate at index 1 of TrackGroup4, side B, and shift of existing gate indices in gates.csv and consumptions

  • 3rd december 2013
  • o Fixed issues reported by Mirsad on Nov 27th and 28th (trains assigned to joint-departures must be assembled, transition from TrackGroup to Platform, SingleTrack capacity, Facility type)

    o Fixed issue reported by Martin on Nov 29th (length of convoys with linked departures)

    o Fixed constraint on minAsbTime (a junction performed exactly minAsbTime before departure is now acceptable, which was not the case in checker v1.4)

    o Improved solution checks (as suggested by Guillaume on Dec 2nd) : no event allowed beyond the number of days of the horizon, Arrival events must be part of the schedules

  • 27th february 2014 v2.0
  • o Update of instance base (add B1 to B6)

    o All modifications brought to the subject for the final phase are reflected in the checker 2.0 (see subject and associated log)

  • 6th march 2014 v2.1
  • o Activated track group conflict constraint (remark on forum by Nicolas Teypaz, 6th march)

  • 24th march 2014 v2.2
  • o Fixed over-maintenance cost computation in case of linked departures (message from Nicolas Teypaz on March 21st)

  • 27th march 2014 v2.2
  • o Update of instance B10 and B12, Imposed consumptions beyond the horizon are removed (message from Mirsad Buljubasic on March 26th)

  • 3rd april 2014
  • o Update of instance B11, Fixed conflicts within imposed consumption on trackgroups (message from Nicolas Teypaz on april 3rd)

  • 13th april 2014
  • o Update of instance B12, Modification in imposed consumptions to fix non-existing gates (message from Gregoire Spiers on april 9th)

  • 12th june 2014
  • o Various fixes related to messages posted on June 2nd and 3rd on the forum (exit from resources after disjunctions, verification that a valid gate is assigned at entrance/exit of the system, resource usage time, number of days in instances)

  • 17th sept 2014
  • o Update of instances : adding X1 to X12