Modification log for rules

  • 10th october 2013
  • o introduction of section 6 related to commercial solvers (question from Kenneth Sörensen into the forum, 2nd Oct)

  • 4th november 2013
  • o The 12 instances from set A are subject of the sprint.

    o The best solution for each instance grants 50 Euros.

    o The 3 teams with highest grants are qualified for the final phase. (Potential ties will dealt by organizers decision).

  • 6th november 2013
  • o Update in section 5 about Sprint announcement.

  • 25th november 2013
  • o Update in section 5: creation of the second sprint.

  • 18th december 2013
  • o Update in section 5 : Ranking rules for qualification are made public.

  • 7th april 2014
  • o Update day for final results announcement.

  • 15th april 2014
  • o Add precisions on final ranking.

  • 25th april 2014
  • o Extended deadline for final submission (from 1st to june 15th) and scientific price (from 15th to june 22th).