Challenge ROADEF/EURO 2016 Sprint results

Best solution values found for the data instance set A :

Instance V_1.1 V_1.2 V_1.3 V_1.4 V_1.5 V_1.6 V_1.7 V_1.8 V_1.9 V_1.10 V_1.11
Ratio 0,027773 0,027582 0,013279 0,018991 0,012184 0,013711 0,013737 0,007756 0,01533 0,020223 0,0519
Team S18 S18 S18 S18 S18 S18 S18 S18 S18 S18 J10

The sprint winner team is S18 (Nicolas Catusse from ING Grenoble, France). He will receive 1000 euros during ROADEF 2016, and he is already qualified for the final. Congratulations Nicolas !

Congratulations to junior team J10 (Olivier Bachollet, Mathieu Berthellemy and Marie Morgane Paumard from UMPC Paris, France) to have a best value on instance V1.11 !