Scientific Prize Rules

There are three mandatory conditions to participate to the scientific prize :

  • The first one is to be a finalist team of the roadef/euro challenge 2018 ;
  • The second is that the code submitted for the final phase should be able to produce a feasible solution for at least one of the X instances.
  • The third one is that each applicant will have to present his/her work during a dedicated session during EURO 2019 conference in Dublin

The president of the committee is François Clautiaux (Full professor at Université de Bordeaux).

The committee is under construction.

The method must be described in a short paper (about 8-12 pages), which should contain all the elements necessary to assess the quality and the originality of the proposed method.

The deadline for submitting the paper and the related, eventually updated/new code, is March 23, 2019. The code should be able to produce good feasible solutions within reasonable running time. The submitted code will be executed on a specific platform to be detailed later.

The main criteria that will be used for evaluating the proposed methods are the following :

  • originality of the proposed method.
  • proof (theoretically and/or experimentally) of the quality of the produced results (lower bounds and/or upper bounds or their gaps with respect to the best known results) ;
  • interesting features, such as but not limited to, new and/or good dual bounds ;
  • decomposition methods developed in order to solve subproblems to optimality or to a very good lower bound ;

The weight on the criteria will be refined by the committee.

The best candidate will be elected at the end of the EURO 2019 conference and the scientific prize will be delivered at the closing session of the conference.