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POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP: Integrated models for the dimensioning and location of charging electric vehicles stations in the presence of renewable energy sources: Models and Algorithms Luce Brotcorne INRIA Contact: OVERVIEW We are seeking candidates for a 1-year post-doctoral fellowship position starting autumn 2019 to work in the INOCS team at INRIA Lille Nord-Europe ( This fellowship is part of a PGMO project (Gaspard Monge Program for Optimization, Operations Research and their interactions with Data Science). The project is a joint project between INRIA Lille (Luce Brotcorne), University of Edinburgh (Miguel Anjos) and EDF (Riadh Zorgati). GOALS The purpose of this project is to locate and determine the number of charging stations to be installed in motorway service areas, taking into account the behaviour of road users and the expected quality of service. We consider that charging stations can include a local renewable energy production source as well as a battery to store energy. The goal of the project is to develop integrated models for the problem as well as matheuristics algorithms to address large instances and instances based real life data. SPECIFICATIONS The candidate must have a PhD in Computer Science, Operations Research, Applied Mathematics. The candidate should demonstrate a solid background in mathematical programming. Computer science skills in algorithmic and C/C++ development are also required. Knowledgement in stochastic programming is highly desirable. How to Apply: The candidate must send by email until September 30, 2019 the following documents: * Curriculum vitae with a list of publications, and previous experience. * A recommendation letter from a previous supervisor (sent directly to Luce Brotcorne) * A cover letter for the application. All documents must be sent to Luce Brotcorne at

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