Webinar de présentation d'une application d'optimisation déployée au control center du systeme de pa

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Webinar le Vendredi 4 Septembre à 10h avec Désirée Rigonat et Filippo Focacci de Decision Brain.

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Rethinking distribution for one of the largest bike sharing programs

Based on machine learning and mathematical optimization, DecisionBrain’s applications are used every day to optimize the workforce of market leaders in the Services industry such as ISS, JLL and Serco. This presentation shows how we optimize operations for the London Cycle Hire, one of the largest bikes sharing systems in the world.

DPO (Distribution Planning Optimization) is a Smart Planning System designed for Serco’s Control Room. Its goal is to help planners drive the scheme with the right inventory of bikes in the right place at the right time at the lowest cost. DPO forecasts, in real time, the number of bicycle pickups and returns at each station. It computes target inventory levels at each hour of the day and determines the most efficient routes for the vans to redistribute bicycles from stations in excess to stations in shortage.

The insights and alerts provided via a very intuitive user interface enable planners to focus on analysis and exception management rather than repetitive tasks.

The benefits of the system include:

- Increase of ridership and customer satisfaction

- Reduction of operation costs

- Reduction of penalty costs due to full and empty stations


Registered attendees will receive a link prior to the scheduled webinar.

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