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Horizontal Software (HSW), created in 2010, is a publisher of SaaS and App solutions, specialized in management and optimized planning of human resources. The E-OPTIM solution provided by HSW is intended for the planning and optimization of human resources, taking into account heterogeneous constraints: legal, organizational and social.  

A company's performance is closely linked to well-being at work. It is therefore very important to take into account employee preferences in the development of schedules. The goal of the PhD thesis is to develop heuristic algorithms that take into account employee preferences in addition to the standard constraints (legal, organizational and social). This additional requirement poses a severe challenge as it complicates a problem that is already difficult to solve. To overcome this challenge the candidate will use the most advanced techniques in the field of mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence.


Required competences:

-Good experience with mathematica optimization

-Knowledge in machine learning and deep learning is considered as a plus.

-Excellent programming skills.


To apply or to have more information, please contact Roberto Wolfler Calvo ( and Nora Touati (

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