Collaboration Networks in Operational Research: the Gender Dimension

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Data Extraction, Network Extraction, Collaboration Networks, Gender Dimension, Operations Research





WISDOM, an initiative of EURO, is a forum aiming to provide a platform to support, empower and encourage the participation of all genders in Operational Research within EURO. The WISDOM research subcommittee organizes talks/networking/mentoring events and also investigates the gender dimension in Operations Research [1].

This offer is financed by the Avignon Computer Laboratory. The subject investigated is part of a research project developed by some members of WISDOM aiming to explore the gender dimension of collaboration networks in Operational Research (OR). Focusing on academic articles published by EURO, the Association of European Operational Research Societies, the study seeks to identify and characterize the structure of OR author collaboration networks. By using graph theory/measures and social network analysis, we hope to understand the attributes and roles of OR academics at different career stages and eventually identify some underlying gender dimensions/patterns.


Research Traineeship Offer description

Place : Avignon Computer Laboratory, Avignon University.

Duration : 6 months

The Research Trainee will extract publisher data at the author level from specific Operational research academic journals; create graph and network models, and apply graph and social network analyses. In collaboration with some members of the WISDOM research subcommittee, the Research Trainee will analyze the results obtained and contribute to the development of a technical report.


Required profile

The desired Research Trainee profile is a final year of engineering school or second year of a Master program in computer science. The Research Trainee should have skills in data analysis, graph methods and measures, network optimization and C++/Java development. He/She should also have a good level of English both orally and in writing.


Candidates should send their applications to including a curriculum vitæ (CV) and the academic transcripts of the candidate’s higher education degrees.



[1] Paula Carroll, Annunziata Esposito Amideo, Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez, Renata Mansini, Nicola Morrill, Frances O’Brien, Tatiana Tchemisova. Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusivity in EURO Activities: WISDOM Forum White Paper. July 2020, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24830.00324.

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