Schedule of the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2016

12th of July 2015 Challenge begin (qualification phase). Subject (version 1), checker and first instances provided . Registration starts

12th of September 2015 Full A Set Instances available.

12th of November 2015 (Optional) Sprint on first instances. Deadline for submitting computational results table, and solutions files.

12th of January 2016 End of qualification phase. Deadline for submitting a first version of computer program, computational results table and a short (2 pages) description of the method, including the characteristics of the computeur used.

12th of February 2016 Announcement of the qualification results at ROADEF Compiegne conference. Set of B instances. Subject Update (version 2). Beginning of the final phase.

16th of June 2016 Deadline for submitting final program, computational result table and an extended abstract (5 pages) describing the method, including the characteristics of the computer used.

6th of July 2016 Announcement of the final results with ranking on B and X instances. Presentation of the finalists' works and prize award at EURO Poznan Conference

31st of October 2016 End of scientific phase. Deadline for submitting material for scientific prize.