Checker and visualisation

Checker (last version : 18/05/2018)

     Changes from previous version :
  • Correct a small bug for defect insertion checker
  • Add a recursive check to find cuts made through defects
  • Display rectangles instead of circles for defects in visualization tool

Checker (last version : 11/05/2018)

     Changes from previous version :
  • Correct a bug with index between node and stack

Checker (version of 26/04/2018)

     Changes from previous version :
  • Correct a misspelling with parameter name in global_param.csv
  • Correct file parser (bug related to end of line character for Unix OS)
  • Add a check for negative values (it was possible to create solution with negative widths or heights)
  • Add a check when parsing solution (bug with plate indexes)
  • Refactor some parts of the code to improve readability
  • Add the possibility to check an instance in command line (ex: ./checker A0)
  • Correct readme to give information on how to compile the checker

Checker (version of 02/03/2018)

Data instances of the ROADEF/EURO Challenge 2018

Set of instances A (last version)

     Changes from previous version :
  • A2 : resize a batch
  • A9 : remove #7 empty stack

Set of instances A (version of 02/03/2018)