ROADEF'99 Challenge

The French Society of Operations Research and Decision Analysis (ROADEF) is organizing a challenge for its second annual conference ROADEF'99.

The ROADEF'99 Challenge has two goals. On the one hand, it allows some of our industrial partners to witness recent developments in the field of Operations Research and Decision Analysis, and young researchers to face up to a decisional problem, often complex, occured in industry. The challenge will give them an opportunity to explore the requirements and difficulties encountered in industrial applications. On the other hand, we hope that this challenge will help to establish a permanent partnership between manufacturers and young scientists on industrial size projects which require both high scientific qualification and the real-life practices in companies making use of decision analysis.

We encourage and invite industrial partners to submit new proposals for forthcoming challenges.

This challenge is open to everybody, in particular to young researchers, except those working for the industrial partner having submitted the problem, or any of its subsidiaries.