Final Ranking and Codes

  1. Olivier Briant, Mohamed-Ekbel Bouzgarrou
    Laboratoire de Modelisation et de Calcul - IMAG, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.
    Code, result and abstract of the work.
  2. Kursad Asdemir, Cagri Gurbuz, Cagri Haksoz, Osman Karslioglu, Aydin Unal
    Bilkent University Industrial Engineering Department, Ankara, Turkey.
    Code, results and abstract of the work.
    Contact: asdemir@ug.bcc.Bilkent.EDU.TR
  3. Bayrak Halil
    Bilkent University Industrial Engineering Department, Ankara, Turkey.
    Code, results and abstract of the work.
    Contact: hbayrak@ug.bcc.Bilkent.EDU.TR
  4. Clarisse Dhaenens-Flipo, Sylvain Durand
    LEIBNIZ - IMAG, Grenoble, France.
    Code, results and abstract of the work.

The final was held during the ROADEF'99 congress, January 13-15, 1999, in Autrans during a pleinary session in front of around 150 persons. The presence of two Turkish finalists was the reason for the English presentations in an otherwise French language conference.

All the finalists presented results better than those mentionned in the subject proposed by BOUYGUES on this WEB page. However, we should point out that the results presented in the subject are not at all the best ones obtained by the Chic-2 project. We expressly provided solutions of medium quality and by this way not to discourage potential candidats from participating.

The ranking was established by the following Jury: Tibor KÖKENY and François LABURTHE (Bouygues), Eric JACQUET-LAGRÈZE and Denis MONTAUT (Euro-Décision), Philippe MICHELON (Université d'Avignon), Thierry MAUTOR and Van-Dat CUNG (Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines).

The Jury retained only two selection criteria : the quality of the solutionsand the computational times.

Based on these criteria, the winners of the challenge presented results much better than the other finalists. François LABURTHE underlined that in average, their solutions are close to 3.5% as compared with the best solutions obtained by Chic-2, and on 4 open problems, the winners improved the known bounds.

The candidats from Bilkent University in Turkey showed quite good results on the tested instances. Some of their solutions improved those provided in the subject. I would like to thank them for travelling from Ankara to Autrans, France to present their work. Also, I would like to point out that they are currently undergraduate students and are looking for funding to do PhD Theses once they graduate.

An Honorable Mention was awarded to the fourth place team for their work and the scientific analysis of their results. Indeed, the Jury appreciated the explanation on the mediocre quality of their solutions, which was mainly due to the rough parameters they used, i.e. all the solutions given on the 16 instances had been obtained with the same parameters. The Jury estimated that with an acurate tuning of the parameters this team would have obtained better results. We should note that this team participated actively to the organization of the conference.