Participation instructions

We invite the participants to look at the challenge subject for more details on:

  • The explanations of the data instances.
  • The information to be provided by the participants.
  • The evaluation and ranking procedure.


  • For the 1st time, the challengers are allowed to use optimization solvers. FranceTélécom and ILOG will provide to the registrated participants an access to a test machine running the ILOG optimisation tools (OPL Studio, CPLEX, Solver, Scheduler). Once registrated, a job submission procedure to this machine will be sent to you.
  • The results (binary codes and numerical results) generated by the programs of the participants will be made available by France Télécom to anyone (ILOG included) without restriction on use, copying or further distribution, and any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of reproduction and shipping.
  • The participants must insure that their results can be obtained on the machine provided by de FranceTélécom.
  • The use of optimization solvers is allowed exclusively for free or non commercial solvers, or those provided by ILOG on the machine of FranceTélécom. If you have any doubt with the solver you want to use, please feel free to contact the head of the challenge.


12/07/06: Beginning of the qualification stage
Problem available on the WEB, with the subject and the data instance set A for the qualification stage.
02/10/06: Application deadline of the participants
A registrated participant will have a user account on the machine of FranceTélécom running ILOG optimization tools (OPL Studio, CLPEX, Solver, Scheduler).
To registrate, please to send your complete affiliations to the head of the challenge.
30/10/06: End of the qualification stage (DELETED)
Deadline for the participant submissions with results and programs on the data instance set A.
20/11/06: Beginning of the final stage (DELETED, but the data instance set B is provided for the final stage)
Announcement of the qualification stage results.
FranceTélécom will provided the participants with the data instance set B to tune their programs.
15/01/07: SHORTENED TO 10/01/07 (instead of 07/01/07)
The participants send the final version of their programs and reports (numerical results obtained on data sets A and B, and extended abstracts).
FRANTELECOM will test the programs on the data instance set X which is unkown to the participants.
Selection of the finalists who will be invited to present their works at the FRANCORO V / ROADEF'2007 conference.
20-23 february 2007 at the conference FRANCORO V / ROADEF'2007: End of the final stage
Announcement of the final results on the data instance set X.
Presentation of the finalists' works.
The winner in each of the two categories will receive a prize provided by FranceTélécom via ROADEF.
Other prizes are also announced by the companies ILOG and EURODECISION.