Data Instances

Corrected files of the data set A in formats .tar.gz and .zip (Instances_set_A_20061117.tar.gz,

Corrected files of the data set B in formats .tar.gz and .zip (Instances_set_B_20061117.tar.gz,

[New!] The data set X in formats .tar.gz and .zip (Instances_set_X.tar.gz,

The off-line checker could also be downloaded here (checker.jar) and reference values for the data set A and B, here.


  • It is compulsory for the programs to respect the formats specified for the data files, the solution and result files.
  • A tool to check the solutions will be provided to the participants.
  • The subject, the data instances and the optimization tools are provided by FranceTélécom and ILOG for the use in the context of the challenge and research purpose. FranceTélécom and ILOG keep the right to bring minor modifications if it is needed.