Document submission for the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2010 final phase and evaluation of results

Registered participants shall send (before the deadline of the final stage) the following material:

  • Team Id (provided upon registration) and category,
  • An extended abstract (5 pages) of the proposed method including the characteristics of the computer used,
  • A table giving the results and CPU times obtained on each instance,
  • the solution files of each instance of set B,
  • the program (see the subject).

All these documents shall be sent via email as a compressed archive to with the subject " ROADEF/EURO challenge 2010 final material".

The computer used for the evaluation of executables provided by participants will be a Bi-processor Intel Xeon 5420 2.5Mhz quad core (8GB of memory under Linux, 3GB under windows, 12MB of cache).

For our evaluation scripts, the participants are asked to provide an executable called energyManagement, with the following options:

  • -t TIME to stop the program execution after TIME seconds (caution: this is real time", not cputime). The test machine will be totally dedicated and the tests will be done sequentially, therefore all the teams will have the same amount of CPU power.
  • -n INSTANCE to load the data associated with the instance INSTANCE. The input file will be INSTANCE.
  • -i to return the identifier of the team that is the author of the executable (if it is the only option the executable returns the team identifier and quits). The team identifier will be given to every team upon registration.
  • -r SOLUTION to specify the name of the file containing the solution. The solution file has to be conform to the format specified in the section 4.2 of the subject

The maximum execution time will be fixed to 3600 seconds (60 minutes).

All programs respecting the above conditions will be evaluated through the average normalized score over all instances. The score is given by the objective function value obtained by the program normalized by the best objective value obtained by all the programs.

If an executable fails to find a feasible solution within 60 minutes, its score on this instance will be double the score obtained by the worst feasible solution found by a team.

Note on commercial solvers

The usage of the following commercial solvers is allowed

  • ILOG CP Optimizer 2.3
  • XPRESS-Optimizer v18.10.10
  • CoinAll-1.2

It will also be possible to use the following modeling languages: GAMS 23.1