Internship Position: Optimization Solver for Telecommunication Network problems

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Internship Position: Optimization Solver for Telecommunication Network problems  

The Operation Research team of the Paris Research Center is looking for internship candidates. The topic consists in enhancing the performances of an internal optimization solver and investigating improvements especially for telecommunication network problems.

This internship topic consists of two parts:

  • 1) research part: the intern will have to conduct a deep bibliography study on methods for performance improvements and stabilization on MILP resolution, and propose techniques (as valid inequalities, branching, propagation, etc) to tackle efficiently routing problems -that can be directly included into a MILP solver-.
  • 2) software development part: the intern will help to improve solver performances, stability and user-friendliness while proposing additional features.

    Major Responsibilities

    In recent times, the size of telecommunication networks has grown a lot and traffic needs to be routed efficiently to optimize resources, reliability and performance. In this context, the OR team has developed a lightweight solver for network devices (routers, switches).  

    The main challenge of this internship is to make this solver user-friendly and efficient on Network problems. The main objectives of the internship are the following:

    • Investigate the most important techniques for enhancing solver performances and stability,
    • Implementation of new techniques and methods in the solver,
    • Help for testing, debugging, and continuous integration,
    • Benchmark on some realistic instances.

    Duration: 6 months

    Location: Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris Area

    Required Level: Msc in Computer science / Applied mathematics / Operations Research

    Technical Skills Requirements:

    Candidates must be highly motivated and have the following skills:

    • Good operation research and continuous and combinatorial optimization skills
    • Good mathematical background
    • Good programming skills in C++ (required)
    • Knowledge of networking is a plus but not necessary (IP, routing protocols like OSPF)

    Please send your applications to Dr. Youcef Magnouche ( and Dr. Pierre Bauguion  ( Successful applicants will be contacted within one month.

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