Post-doc position in Operations Research and Healthcare (patient pathway)

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Dear colleagues, 

We are opening a postdoctoral position in the area of operations research and combinatorial optimization in healthcare. Please find below the job details.

Duration: 1 year (1 more year renewable possible)

Where: LIFAT (Tours) or LIMOS (St-Etienne)

Starting date: From March/April 2024 (Flexible)

Description. The SAFEPAW multidisciplinary project of the national PEPR Digital Health call studies the contribution of digital health and the way in which the different actors can take advantage of it. The main objective is to evaluate the impact of artificial intelligence and decision support tools in patients’ health care pathways.

The mission of the post-doc candidate will be first to build mathematical and formulations of the care pathways and the resource consumption as function of the flow of patients.

Then the research is to propose a quantitative evaluation of the quality of a care pathway from different points of view (patient and healthcare professionals and institutions). From there, two optimization problems will be designed:

P1 – The care offer design for a case-mix of classes of patients under resource constraints.

P2 – The patient flow control and the patient to medical resources assignment, exploiting available personal data.

Several case studies with real data will support the project like ambulatory care and hearth attack. Operations research and combinatorial optimization fields will be investigated by the candidate to propose innovative models and decision algorithms.

The potential candidate is required to have a PhD in operation research. The candidates are expected to conduct their research autonomously, both in theory and by coding their solutions in practice. Knowledge of French is not required, but good communication skills and a solid knowledge of English are essential.

To apply. Send an email to and with your CV, your motivation letter, and the name of two referees.


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