Schedule of the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2022

July, 05th 2022     EURO 2022 : Challenge begins. Subject available. Checker and Set A of instances available. Registration starts.
October, 15th 2022     (Optional) Sprint on set A instances. Deadline for submitting computational results table, and solutions files.
October, 30th 2022     Sprint results. Set B of instances available.
January, 31th 2023     Deadline for submission on qualification phase on set B of instances.
February, 23th 2023     ROADEF 2023 : Qualification results. Set of C instances available
June, 15th 2023     Deadline for submitting final program
July, 13th 2023     IFORS 2023 : Final phase results. Set of X instances available
November, 01st 2023     Deadline for submitting paper to scientific prize.
March, 7th 2024     ROADEF 2024 : Scientific Prize results.

All deadlines written as dates should be understood as with midnight, French time.