Documents/Program submission for the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2022 Qualification phase

Registered participants shall send (before the deadline of the qualification stage) the following material:

  • Team Id (provided upon registration) and category,
  • An abstract (2 pages) of the proposed method including the characteristics of the computer used,
  • A table giving the results and CPU times obtained on each instance,
  • the solution files of each instance of set B,
  • the program to solve the problem.

All these documents shall be sent to organizers with the subject " ROADEF/EURO challenge 2022 qualification material from XX" where XX is your teamId. Do not send direclty an archive attached to the mail (our mailers may not receive it if the size is too large), but give us a link to download it.

Teams must provide a directory which contains a shell-script "" and all the files/sub- directories needed for the execution. The script will take 6 arguments :

  • 1. pathname of file parameters
  • 2. pathname of file input items
  • 3. pathname of file input trucks
  • 4. pathname of file output items
  • 5. pathname of file output stacks
  • 6. pathname of file output trucks

Example : ../datasetB/AS/input_parameters.csv ../datasetB/AS/input_items.csv ../datasetB/AS/input_trucks.csv ../datasetB/AS/output_items.csv ../datasetB/AS/output_stacks.csv ../datasetB/AS/output_trucks.csv

The organizers will run the script "" ONCE for each instance, and interrupt the script once the timelimit parameterized for the instance is reached.

Programs of candidates will be run on Google Cloud Platform, in VM with 8 CPU, 32 GB of RAM and CentOS 7.

Teams can submit pre-releases of their executable from Mon 23 Jan until Fri 27 Jan, and re-submit a final release by 31 Jan. Organizers will check wether the pre-release runs well on Renault’s GCP environment